Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:50

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Human rights violations increase in northern Aleppo, and Turkey is unable to control the security situation

A video has gone viral on social media showing one of the factions in northern Aleppo dragging a young male by a pickup car and parading him across the streets of some towns and some untreated roads, without information about the fate of the young male. According to the info, the young male had been arrested on a charge of theft.


Private sources informed Aleppo24 that the perpetrators belonging to the Ninth Division which is led by ‘Abu Wali’ and had been affiliated with the Mutassim Brigade before joining the Sultan Murat Division.


The way the young male was tortured has reminded civilians of the ways Assad’s forces tortured them during the early days of the Syrian revolution.



On the other hand, it seems that Turkey is unable to keep the security situation under its control in northern Aleppo since the factions operating there are following in the footsteps of Daesh in atrocities and horrific crimes. The latest of the atrocities have been committed by the Ahrar Sharqiyah faction in the market of the Rai town where they insulted and beat civilians and forced them to close their shops by force. The cause of this incident was the result of a dispute between some civilians and members of that faction. Although there is a Turkish base in the town, the incident still occurred.

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