Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:38

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Expired food items imported from Iran poison many civilians in Aleppo city


The hospitals in Aleppo city have received many cases of food poisoning after the residents ate some expired food items.

Aleppo24 correspondent in Aleppo city said that 24 of cases of food poisoning were received in Al-Razi, University and government hospitals in Aleppo, adding that the medical examination of the cases concluded that they were due to eating rotten and expired food items imported from Iran. The expiry date was changed and they were sold in the city. The correspondent indicated that there the markets in the city are bursting with these materials and that many people are purchasing them because of their cheap prices.

Iranian goods are imported from border crossings in Deir Ezzor with Iraq and then they are transported by Iranian trucks to Aleppo city. Most of the imported goods are expired and their dates and boxes are changed in some factories in Sheikh Najar area in Aleppo, which was established recently by some Air Intelligence Branch-backed merchants.

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