Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:30

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In a move to conceal its human rights abuses, YPG is relocating its prisoners from Afrin to Manbej.


In a move similar to what Nusra had done before leaving Aleppo city and Daesh before retreating from Al-Raqqa, PYD is pursuing a similar policy to cover up its abuses and human rights violations against its dissidents and civilians living in Afrin. YPG, the armed wing of PYD, has started relocating the prisoners in Afrin to Manbej and Al-Hasakah since PYD is still holding firmly to them at the moment.


With the increase of airstrikes and the advane of Operation Branch Olive forces and the Turkish army towards Afrin city, YPG is now transporting the detainees and prisoners in the region to Manbej city. An Aleppo24 correspondent confirmed that the first batch of prisoners was transported by YPG through regime-held areas via Hyundai cars to avoid being targeted by Turkish aircraft hovering over them.


The correspondent indicated that YPG is trying to cover up its human rights violations against its dissidents, including Kurd and Arabs, in addition to some relative of ‘Rojava Peshmerga’. All of them have been in YPG-run secret prisons in Afrin for several years. Aleppo24 has not been able to identify the number of the secret prisons so far.


Another correspondent stated that among the relocated prisoners and detainnes were fighters belonging to the opposition factions who were captured in previous battles against YPG, in addition to some civiliasns whom YPG accused of being FSA and HTS affilaites.


YPG might release the criminal prisoners from their prisons if it the Turkish army forces the militia to retreat from Afrin. On the other hand, Turkey is attempting to end the PYD presence along its border and then impose its authority on Syrian civilians.

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