Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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In pictures: The amount of destruction wrecked on Al-Sukkari neighborhood of besieged Aleppo

As a part of their systematic extermination and destruction of Aleppo city, the Russian and Assad warplanes continued the brutal and deadly air strikes on the city, targeting mainly residential buildings.


Exclusive pictures for Aleppo24 showing the aftermath of the shelling on Al-Sukkari neighborhood of besieged Aleppo with vacuum missiles.


During the dawn of October 09, Russian warplanes executed air strikes on residential buildings in Al-Sukkari neighborhood of besieged Aleppo, destroying one building and badly damaging several others. The air raids also wounded a number of civilians.

The air strikes on Al-Sukari neighborhood come in connection with attempts by Assad forces to advance on the fronts of Al-Sheikh Said. Clashes in the area are still ongoing to the very moment.


Also cluster bombs were dropped by the Russian airplanes on the city of Haritan and the area of Al-Melah in northern Aleppo, in synchronization with heavy artillery sheilling by Assad forces on the town of Kafrnaha in the western countryside, which caused material damages in the town.

On the humanitarian level, eastern Aleppo and the besieged Aleppo city are still facing the water cut, which was the result of the destruction of the water plant in Bab Al-Nayrab, as well as the bombing of the water pipelines which supply the eastern neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo.



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