Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:33

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Iran Is Looting Archeological Sites In Aleppo On The Pretence of Reconstruction

A private source indicated to Aleppo24 that a group of Iranian historical monuments committees, which are equipped with modern equipment, have recently been involved in archeological excavation in the neighborhoods of Aleppo’s Old City, after an undeclared agreement between them and the Directorate of Archeological Sites in Aleppo.


The source confirmed that the agreement was signed on the basis to help the directorate to reconstruct Aleppo’s Old City. But, the excavation activities have been recently being carried out under the protection and supervision of the military intelligence, which has secured dozens of areas and centers in those neighborhoods for the launching of the activities amidst the absence of the directorate of archeology and museums in Aleppo.


The neighborhoods of Aleppo’s Oil City had already been looted by the local factions who were digging on the pretense that they were establishing tunnels to explode regime headquarters in the city.

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