Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:31

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Iranian Jihad Binae has begun the acquisition of real estate and lands in Aleppo


The Assad regime newly issued decision that dictates the confiscation of properties belonging to the displaced and those who do not pay their debt has created a suitable atmosphere for real estate companies that are now active in Syria and whose focus is to serve the interest of Iran.


A local source in Aleppo confirmed to Aleppo24 that an Iranian organization named ‘Jihad Al-Binae’ has recently began purchasing houses and lands belonging to displaced families in Aleppo city and its countryside. The organization has a large budget and it is taking advantage of the absence of the owners of the properties it is buying.


Jihad Binae is mainly active in Aleppo and Al Bukamal city in Deir Ezzor province. It is now in possession of real estates in Aleppo New City and the Jamiyat area. In addition, it owns several houses in the Youth Housing in Al-Massaraniyah, which were confiscated from their owners by the Assad regime on the pretext that their owners had not paid their dues, and then were sold to the Iranian company.



The source also said that the activities of the company has now expanded to more areas, including Aleppo Old City and the vicinity of Al Amawi Mosque, where they have bought commercial shops in the markets of the old city, some of which were sold for a ridiculously cheap price.  The organization also bought huge swaths of land in Assad-held areas of western Aleppo, mainly those located near the artillery battalion in Al Ramousseh and the Safirah defense factories in southern Aleppo. The previously mentioned source indicated that the organization is supposed to expand its business because of the concessions made by the regime-linked services departments.

It should be pointed out that D24 had previously released a report exposing the activities of the Iranian company in Al Bukamal city.

The Iranian Jihad Binaa organization opens its office in Al-Bukamal

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