Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:32

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Negotiations are underway between Daesh and Assad: Aleppo’s water supplies in exchange of those of Al-Bab


Private sources stated to Aleppo24 that Daesh appointed some dignitaries in eastern Aleppo to introduce an initiative to the Assad regime. It is about opening the Babiri water plant near the Maskana town, from which the organization has cut off water supplies to Aleppo city for three weeks now, in exchange of fixing the Ayn Bayda water plant near the Bab city by the regime and supply Al-Bab with water.


The sources indicated that it is possible for the regime to accept the initiative.


Daesh cut off water supplies to Aleppo city after Assad’s forces struck and rendered the Ayn Bayda plant unusable. The cutting off of water supplies to Aleppo city caused a water crisis which led to a sky-high increase in the prices of water that reached 6000 SYP for every 1000 liters water tanker.


The water crisis in Aleppo benefited merchants who are selling one bottle of water for 1000 SYP.

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