Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:58

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New series of heavy indiscriminate air strikes perpetrate new massacres in besieged Aleppo


Assad’s helicopters dropped more than 20 barrel bombs on residential buildings and a medical center in the Shaar neighborhood, east of besieged Aleppo, today, killing dozens of civilians, including a Civil Defense staff member identified as ‘Abu Ibrahim, in addition to the wounding of several others. Assad’s forces also shelled the neighborhood with more than 150 artillery shells and missiles, causing massive amounts of destruction to it.


The Civil Defense staff rescuers are still trying to free civilians trapped under the rubble.



In the meantime, a group of Sukhoi fighter jets executed airstrikes on several neighborhoods in besieged Aleppo, including the Salaheddine, the Firdawss, the Anssari and the Shaar, using vacuum missiles, which led to the wounding of at least 6 civilians in the Zabdiyah neighborhood and 4 others in the Salahadin, as well as causing huge amounts of destruction to residential buildings in the targeted areas.


A kindergarten in the Salaheddine neighborhood was also bombarded, which led to the injury of several civilians, who were rescued and transported by the civil defense to hospitals. Air raids were carried out on the Sukari neighborhood, targeting a gathering of civilians and causing the immediate death of six of them, including four children, in addition to the destruction of some residential buildings.


These series of intense indiscriminate airstrikes come as besieged Aleppo enters its third month of siege, which has crippled life in the area. The air strikes are focused on civilian buildings and infrastructures such as hospitals and schools, which have claimed a large number of civilian casualties in the last 48 hours.


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