Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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Once again, Assad’s forces fail to advance in western Aleppo


Assad’s forces have been attempting to storm the FSA-held 1070 Apartments area for several days now, and all the attempts were to no avail. This move by them is aimed at expelling the local factions from areas located in western Aleppo and to prevent them from launching new assaults from the 3000 Apartments area in the strategic Hamdaniyah neighborhood in western Aleppo.



The local factions have repelled several of their attempts so far, killing and wounding dozens of the attacking forces. An Aleppo24 correspondent reported today the death of dozens of Assad’s forces in a failed attempt to advance on the 1070 Apartments front.


Naji Abu Hudayfah, commander of the Free Idlib Army, also denied the reports of the regime controlling some positions in those areas. He said, “Assad’s forces and the pro-regime sectarian militias attempted to advance towards the Mutah hill and the 1070 Apartments but due to Allah’s will we managed to repulse the attack and inflicted heavy losses upon them.”

An Aleppo24 correspondent confirmed that the local factions repelled a second attempt by the militias and Assad’s forces to advance on the Mutah hill in southern Aleppo.


The regime is attempting to take over that hill because it would allow its forces to spot the supple lines of the local factions in the 1070 Apartments area.


The correspondent added that clashes between both parties are still raging in the 1070 Apartments and the 3000 Apartments in connection with heavy Russian and Assad air strikes on the clashing areas. The regime’s helicopters have also dropped several barrel bombs on the fronts.

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