Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:30

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Once again, Assad’s forces fail to break through the Sheikh Said neighborhood of Aleppo

Today, the local factions operating in Aleppo repulsed a newly launched attack by Assad’s forces, backed by other militias, on the Sheikh Said neighborhood in south of Aleppo. The attack coincided with heavy artillery shelling on several neighborhoods of Aleppo city, as well as the countryside.

An Aleppo24 correspondent based in Aleppo reported that Assad’s forces, backed by the Iraqi Harakat Nujaba’ militia, assaulted positions belonging to the Fath Aleppo and Jaysh Al-Fateh in the Sheikh Said neighborhood today, which triggered heavy clashes between both sides, during which Assad’s forces sustained dozens of casualties that forced them to retreat to their previous positions. The Noureddine Zenki Movement captured an Afghan pro-Assad fighter during the attack.

In other news, clashes erupted between the local factions and Assad’s forces in several areas, including the towns of Bashkawi, Musseibin and Al-Malah in northern Aleppo, in connection with mutual artillery shelling by both parties.

Assad regime warplanes executed airstrikes yesterday targeting several areas, including the Layrmon and the Dahra Aburabih areas in northern Aleppo, as well as the towns of Qubtan Al-Jabal and Dar Izza in southern Aleppo, wounding several civilians. A civilian was killed; some others were wounded, due to airstrikes on the town of Kafr Hamra in the northern countryside. Yesterday, Assad’s forces also shelled the Salaheddine and Mashhad neighborhoods of Aleppo with heavy artillery and mortar shells, injuring a number of civilians.


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