Wednesday 20 / 6 / 2018 | 04:21

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HTS completes usurpation of public properties in Idlib

HTS-affiliated administration of services continues looting public properties in all areas controlled by HTS in Idlib province. The latest looting operation took place in Salqin where it equipped the commercial bank in the city in order to transform it to a hotel serving its interests. Most public prope...
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300 Daesh fighters surrender to the factions in Idlib

Around 300 Daesh fighters surrendered to ‘Repelling Invaders’ Operations Room in southeast Idlib, which marks the end of Daesh presence in the region. Daesh had advanced to Al-Tamanaa region east of Maarat Numan and captured several small villages in the far east of Idlib city to escape a large scale of...
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