Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:54

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Perpetrators belonging to the Air Force Intelligence caught by a Russian patrol while looting an electric generator of an oven in Aleppo


On Monday, January 02, a fight occurred in the Sha’ar neighborhood, east Aleppo, between a group of Russian forces, including military police whom Moscow deployed to Aleppo recently, and members of the Air Force Intelligence branch in that neighbourhood. This took place after the latter looted a huge electric generator from one of the ovens in the Shaar.


Russian forces arrested the perpetrators and transported them to the Industrial City in the Sheikh Najar area, where Russia had established a military headquarter.


Private sources reported to Aleppo 24 that Russian forces are patrolling the streets in the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo to ensure security.


The same sources added: ” As a group of Russian forces were patrolling the Sha’ar neighbourhood, they noticed a patrol belonging to the Air Force Intelligence who were dismantling a huge electrical generator from an oven. After that, they were stopped by the Russian patrol and asked about the reason of looting that generator. In response, they said that they were doing that on the order of the leadership of the Air Force Intelligence. After the Russian forces tried to arrest them, the fight occurred, which was about to escalate into clashes with weapons, if it wasn’t for a lieutenant from the Air Force Intelligence, who intervened and asked them to hand themselves over to the Russian patrol.”.



 It should be pointed out that this was not the first time in which Assad’s forces and their allied militias were caught looting properties by Russian forces, as the latter prevented members from the NDF militia from looting civilian belongings in the Firdaws neighborhood two days ago.

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