Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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Radd Al-Tughyan (Preventing Tyranny) Operation Room-linked factions stop advancing Assad’s forces in rural Hamah and Idlib


In response to the recent rapid advancement of Assad’s forces, some local military factions who operate in northern Hama and southern launched a counter-attack against Assad’s forces in areas nearby Abu Duhur airport southeast of Idlib. In the counterattack, they managed to recapture the towns of Om Khalalil, Khawin, Atshan, Zarzor, Tel Marq and the checkpoints of Al Halil and Al Nadaf in rural Idlib and Hamah; in addition to the killing of several regime fighters and the capture of 15 others, as well as various weapons and two tanks. In addition, Jaysh Nasr announced that it had damaged a fighter jet in northern Hamah.


Local sources indicated to Idlib24 that the factions were able to make the gains because they were supported by Turkey who gave them heavy weapons and anti-tank missiles and armored vehicles. The advances of the local factions came after the announcement of the establishment of a joint operation room under the banner ‘ Radu Al-Tughyan‘ (Preventing Tyranny), which includes Faylaq Sham, Jaysh Nasr, Free Idlib Army, Nukhbah Forces and other FSA-linked factions.


Some parties had called for the formation of a popular resistance to impede advancing Assad’s forces in the region. Therefore, it is possible that the establishment of the joint room was the result of the people pressure on the factions, mainly HTS, who is now clearly paving the way for Assad’s forces to advance.


On the other hand, HTS continues to stage retreats when facing Assad’s forces in the area.





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