Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:54

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Russia deploys its infantry divisions to take part in the ongoing battles in Aleppo

A private source indicated to Aleppo24 that since Sunday, November 20, Russian forces have partaken in the ongoing battles taking place inside the neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo. The recently deployed Russian infantry divisions are also participating the in ongoing clashes in the Islamic Cemetery located at the eastern entrance to Aleppo city alongside Assad’s forces, the Lebanese Hizbollah militia and other pro-Assad militias.

The Russian forces did not make any further advances, apart from the previously mentioned area. They then withdrew from that area after handing it over to Assad’s forces, who are now under constant attacks by the local factions attempting to recapture the areas they lost.
In the same context, the local factions repelled a new attack launched by Assad’s forces and loyalists on several fronts north of Aleppo, as the attacking forces were trying to advance on those fronts being backed by intense airstrikes and heavy artillery.

Intense clashes are ongoing between the local factions and Assad’s forces on the fronts in northeast of Aleppo, where the latter managed to advance to some positions in the Old Sheikh Najar area and the Chaotic Buildings area east of the Henano neighborhood.

Intense battles are still raging on both, the Awijah and Baaydin fronts, north of Aleppo, where the local factions succeeded in regaining control over areas that fell to Assad’s forces on Sunday. Several Assad’s forces and fighters from the Palestinian Qudss Brigade were killed   and wounded.

The local factions had previously thwarted several attacks and prevented Assad’s forces from making any gains on the fronts in besieged Aleppo. In response, the Assad regime is now intensifying the airstrikes and artillery shelling on besieged Aleppo, which has claimed the lives of several civilians so far.

The regime is trying to force the local factions out of the city and to kill as many civilians as possible as a punishment for their supporting of the factions.

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