Monday 20 / 5 / 2019 | 20:52

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Saraqib city triumphs over armed groups… HTS will evacuate the city following a deal.


The residents of Saraqib city have managed to isolate their city from the ongoing fighting between HTS and Ahrar Al Sham movement in Idlid province following a series of peaceful protests. After the negotiating committee, which was appointed by the locals to negotiate with HTS, held a meeting with HTS, it succeeded in putting the pressure on the organization to evacuate its headquarters inside the city. This is a victory for the civilian protests against the armed group of HTS.

According to an Idlib24 private source, the evacuation deal in Saraqib took place after civil groups made a call two days ago to all civilian and revolutionary entities, which resulted in the appointment of a committee that would later negotiate with HTS on many issues, including the evacuation of the city.


The committee released a statement consisting on the agreed protocols.

  1. HTS will evacuate all its headquarters inside the city
  2. It will remove all its checkpoints in the city
  3. Civilians will cooperate with the rebels in the city to ensure security inside the city and isolate it from the ongoing fighting between the factions.
  4. The emergency military office, which will be formed by the committee, will protect civilians from any transgressor.
  5. Military convoys will not be allowed to pass from Saraqib

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