Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:58

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Suehil Al-Hassan has been elevated from colonel to brigadier general and he leads now the air force intelligence branches in northern Syria




Private sources indicated to Aleppo24 that Suheil Hassan, known also as “the tiger” and “the pink panther” among anti-Assad regime people, has been appointed as the general commander of the Air Force Intelligence branch in northern Syria.


The same sources confirmed that Suheil has been elevated from a colonel to a major general and is now leading three intelligence branches in northern Syria. Because he climbed in rank, two brigadiers, who are older than him in rank, handed the administration of the intelligence branches in Idlib and Aleppo to him.



The elevation was requested from the Russian leadership of military operations in the Safira Defense Factories with whom Suheil cooperated and obeyed on a large-scale level.


Suheil Hassan was a colonel in the Air force Intelligence branch and was deploye to lead the military operation in the Hamah province in 2012. Then, he led the barrel bombing campaign against Aleppo and the recapturing of the city from the local factions. He receives orders directly from Bashar Assad. He was also the commander of special operations in the air force intelligence and was given the medal of courage, which is the second most elevated rank in Russia, by the commander of the Russian forces in Latkiya province in Syria.


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