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Summary of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs report in Aleppo


Aleppo: The Evacuation operation ended but the suffering still continues


According to the International community of the Red Crescent, 35000 people, including 734 patients were evacuated, while 1312 people were evacuated from Kufriya and Al Fu’a on December 23.



The dangers that displaced civilians are facing are as following:


1) Some of the armed factions prevent them from moving to the western part of Aleppo

2) Assad’s forces have arrested someyoung males from those displaced families;

3) There are still unexploded bombs in the area;

4) Civilian belongings were looted in the eastern part of Aleppo;

5) Many of the civilians are traumatized;

6) Many have lost their civil documents.


There are now 105 UN staff who are trying to provide civilians with basic needs to all areas they are able to reach in Aleppo. Even though the evacuation deal in western Aleppo ended, there are no exact number of those who have remained in there.


More than 50000 civilians are facing a shortage of water because the Sulayman Halabi water plant is badly damaged, which decreased water supplies to 60%.


Concerning education, there are 23000 children deprived of school for more than 2 years and are residing in the Jabrin, the Shaykh Maqsud and other rparts in eastern Aleppo. The UNICEF provided basic school needs to the directorate of education in Aleppo. 450 children have been registered in primary schools in eastern Aleppo, which were opened by the directorate. The upcoming registration session will be an attempt to register 5000 children in those schools.


However, in areas where displaced families are residing, mainly Jabrin, there is an educational deprivation of children. The situation of children and their families in those areas is unstable and there are some children who are even helping their families in survival.




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