Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:55

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Tension dominates Manbij city after SDF tortured two young males to death

A funeral for two young males, which was held by civilians in the city of Manbej today, escalated into a massive protest in the streets of the city, causing a state of high alert among the ranks of SDF who were accused of being responsible for torturing the two youths to death and dumping their bodies in an area east of the city. The killed males were locals from the village of Jaryat. During the funeral, the locals held the SDF responsible for the murder and condemned their policies and demanded from them to leave the city. The funeral convoy headed from the Furat hospital to the cemetery in the city during a state of high alert among SDF in anticipation of any reaction by the local families.

The locals also demanded more investigations into the matter in order to identify the perpetrators of the crimes and take them to justice.

A private source indicated to Aleppo24 that the two males were arrested by SDF militias after they  received intelligence data that the males were Daesh affiliates. On the other hand, SDF denied any responsibility for the killing of those males ad said that they only discovered their bodies and transported them to a hospital so that their loved ones can identify them.

This is the first case in the city in which people die under torture, though such cases have occurred in different areas that are controlled by SDF. The danger of the incident lies in the fact that the dead males belong to the tribes, meaning that the situation might soon explode between the SDF and the local tribes, taking into account that the militias continue to forcibly recruit the youths, including females, and impose more unaffordable taxes on the local population.

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