Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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The Assad-regime and Russia take revenge on civilians in the western Aleppo countryside



Assad’s warplanes targeted civilian buildings in the western countryside of Aleppo today, causing massive amounts of destruction and civilian casualties.

At least ten air strikes with parachute-borne bombs and cluster bombs were carried out against several villages in the western countryside, including Kafr Naha, Awram Al-Kubrah, Abin, Dart Izah, Sheikh Ali and Al-Atarib.


Russian warplanes bombed yesterday both, Kafra Naha and Al-Atarib, killing several civilians, including three children.


This intense areal bombing comes amid series of heavy losses that the regime have been sustaining regularly since the start of the battles in western Aleppo on October 28, which are aimed to lift the siege on Aleppo city and surrounding towns.


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