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The Assad regime attacked the water plant of Aleppo

handaratAfter the capture of the Handrat Camp on Thursday, September 29, Assad forces along with other pro-regime militias launched simultaneous attacks on Al-Kanadi Hospital (south Handrat) and the Sulayman Al Halabi Water plant located on the highway in northern Aleppo.

The attempts of the regime forces to advance to Al-Kanadi Hospital continued under the air cover provided by both, Russian and Assad warplanes, which lasted for 24h without being able to make any significant gains due to the thwarting of their attacks by the local factions which inflicted dozens of causalities in the ranks of regime. By attempting to take over Al-Kanadi Hospital, the Assad-regime is trying to secure areas from which it would launch further assaults, mainly on the liberated neighborhoods of Aleppo north-east of the city. The attack on Sulayman Al Halabi Water Plant is aimed at the cutting off of drinkable water which would cause a water crisis in the city.

The clashes in the vicinity of the water plant began on Friday after the regime captured the Handrat Camp during which both the regime and Russian airstrikes were intensively carried out. However, the local factions managed to inflict heavy causalities on the attacking Assad forces, foiling their attempts. The regime has not been able yet to retrieve the dead bodies of its forces that are scattered in the area.

The military campaign against the water plant comes amid attempts by the regime to impose a siege on the city of Aleppo by the control of pumping of water which would make the neighborhoods outside the regime controlled territories dependent on it. This would also cause civilians to loose any kind of resistance against the regime, a private source reported to Aleppo24.

Even the capture of the water plant by the regime would not insure them that they might have enough water, which would be the cause of great suffer for the civilians residing in the regime-controlled neighborhoods, unless they secure it militarily.

After tens of aggressive air strikes by the regime and Russian warplanes, Assad forces established full control over the Handrat Camp on Thursday. Russian units also took part in the attack by carrying out artillery shelling by receiving coordinates from military operation rooms operated by Russian military experts. This caused the local factions to retreat from the camp.

The pro-regime Al-Quds Brigade militia announced before the killing of 28 of its affiliated fighters during the battle of the capture of the Handrat Camp.

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