Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:49

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The Assad-regime bombs Aleppo with Chlorine gas, causing casualties even among its forces.


Amid the increasing calls by the international community and the Security Council to criminalize the Assad-regime for the employing of chemical warfare in Syria, once again, the latter used one of its devastating weapons, Chlorine gas, to bomb the local factions in a desperate attempt to cripple their advances inside Aleppo, which have seriously threatened its presence in the city.


A private source reported to Aleppo 24 today that at least 34 Assad forces arrived at hospitals located in the regime-controlled areas of Aleppo. All of them suffered suffocation, ranging from light to life-threatening injuries, due to the Chlorine gas attack on Aleppo.


The source confirmed that the Assad forces bombed the 30000 Apartments complex, where the local factions managed to make gains after heavy clashes.


Due to the several operations rooms, run by Assad forces, NDF, Iraqi Harakat Nujabaa’ militia, Lebanese Hizbollah militia, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the Russian forces, false coordinates were passed on to the central operation room of the Assad forces, which led them to bomb some of their positions at the 3000 Apartments “by mistake”.


Even though the regime-run operation room knew that the wind was blowing west, they still issued the order to bomb the front lines against the opposition forces with Chlorine gas, causing casualties among their forces.


The local factions retreated from the 3000 Apartments complex after some of their affiliated fighters suffered suffocation due to the gas attack.


The bombing of the Assad forces by the regime itself raise the question about whether the attack on them was intentional or by mistake. The regime delegate to the united nation, Bashar Al-Jaarfari, accused the opposition forces of using chemical weapons against the regime forces. Therefore, the regime now bombed its forces in an attempt to prove the unproven claims put forward by Al-Jaafari.


Noteworthy, this was not the first time the regime bombed its forces, as both, Russian and Assad’s warplanes have targeted gatherings of Assad forces in the Jami’yat Al-Zahraa neighborhood, Aleppo, this month. On September, Russian air raids were also carried out on a position belonging to Assad forces in the Suleiman Halabi neighborhood by mistake, and on April 2015, regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs on one of the positions of its forces in the town of Al-Mastrouma, south Idlib. On December 2015, the Russian warplanes bombed a position of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, killing four of them. Moskow claimed that the coordinates of the air strike were passed on to them by Assad forces.

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