Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:31

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The Assad regime employs its special forces in ongoing battles of Aleppo

  The Assad’s army consists of several military divisions, of which the most notable is the Republican Guards, who are represented by several brigades and regiments, including Brigade105, whose task is to protect the Republican Palace in Damascus in co-operation with 2 other brigades, Brigade104 being led by the notorious Isam Zahruddin and Brigade106.  

Brigade 105 manpower were recently trained in the Safira, rural Aleppo, in the last two months. They were then deployed to the Rasm Al Abbud Airbase, which consists of Kwaires military airport in eastern Aleppo. After the announcement for the battle for lifting the siege of Aleppo by the local factions, the Assad regime deployed fighters from the Brigade105 to reinforce its frontlines in Aleppo city.  


There are reports that Assad has stored chemical weapons in 4 different areas of which in the headquarter of the Brigade105 on the western top of Qasyun Mountain. The same brigade was bombed by the coalition in the airstrikes on positions belonging to Assad’s forces, south Deir Ezzor military airport on September 17, 2016,  which killed 2 fighters from the brigade.  Brigade104, being led by Isam Zahruddin, is leading the fight in Deir Ezzor.

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