Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:50

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The Assad regime threatens displaced employees from Aleppo to sack them from their positions if they do not return to their ravaged homes in the city


After forcing the displaced from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to return to their homes, the Assad regime recently put pressure on displaced civilians from those neighborhoods who are now residing in the Syrian Coast, Homs and Damascus, to return to their ravaged homes in Aleppo. The regime has lately threatened displaced employees from Aleppo with the cutting off of their salaries and the dismissing from their positions, if they do not return to Aleppo and resume their works.


A private source confirmed to Aleppo24 that the number of the displaced employees from Aleppo who are living in Latikiyah and its countryside is over 15 thousand employees, most of whom will be sacked from their positions if they do not go back to the ruined eastern Aleppo neighborhoods which are in lack of all basic services.


This decision issued by the regime seeks to achieve a media victory about the restoring of life and security in areas they captured from the opposition in eastern Aleppo, and also to alleviate the suffering of the locals in Latikiyah province who think that the displaced are taking job opportunities from their sons.


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