Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:51

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The Assassination Operations Reoccur in Idlib Province

The assassination operations reoccur now in Idlib province as HTS and Ahrar/Suqor Al Sham have agreed to a ceasefire, marking an end to the fighting for control and dominance in the province and the western countryside of Aleppo.

An Idlib24 correspondent said that several assassination operations were carried out on Thursday in a variety of locations in Idlib province, which resulted in the death of 15 fighters and commanders, in addition to at least one civilian. The correspondent stated that three fighters from the Hizb Turkistani were gunned down at the road which links between Arminaz and Malass in north of Idlib, while three evacuated fighters from Zabadani died after they came under fire on the Maarat Missrin/Idlib highway. An HTS commander, Abu Al Ward Kafr Batikh, was killed, along with a companion, after the vehicle they were riding in was targeted in north of Maarat Al Nu’man. Two other fighters from Ansar Sharia and HTS were assassinated in Khan Shaykhun, while an Ahrar Sham fighter was killed, and another one was injured, after unknown gunmen targeted them on the Mishmishan/Ain Al Sawdah highway east of Jisr As Shughur.


Unknown gunmen opened fire on the pharmacist ‘Tirad Al Diri’ in the village of Jubass, south of Saraqib, leading to his immediate death. A checkpoint manned by Faylaq Sham fighters on the road of Tal Aad in western Aleppo was attacked, leading to the killing of one fighter and the wounding of two others.


One HTS fighter was killed and another one was injured (identified as Mohamed Noureddine and Mohamed Al Sheikh) in an assassination operation that occurred nearby to the village of Abeen, in the northern countryside of Idlib. Abu Salim Binish, an Ahrar Sham commander, was assassinated by unknown gunmen in north of the city of Binish.


From midnight to the very moment, many assassination operations have been carried out. Two Ahrar Sham fighjters were wounded in the town of Saraqib, and an activist named Mustpha Al Haj was wounded after he came under fire close to the village of Al Nayrab. Unknown gunmen assaulted the home of an Ahrar commander in Zardna, in the northern countryside of Idlib.


Resurgence of the assassination operations in Idlib province remain unsurprising. However, the operations are not carried out against HTS targets only at this time, but also other military factions, which is something new.

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