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The Circassians in Manbij demand the establishment of schools to teach their native language

The Circassians residing in the city of Manbij called for the opening of schools to teach the Circassian language. According to an Aleppo24 correspondent, the Education Committee in the city welcomed the demand and announced that they are ready to open schools for that purpose.


Rami Balukh, a Circassian residing in Manbij, told Aleppo24 that, “ In order to preserve our native language, we demand from the committee to establish schools that teach the Circassian language. We would be grateful to them if they do so.”
Lana Qabrati, a Circassian, stated to Aleppo24 that, “ In order to preserve our language, which is about to go extinct, we have to hold tight to it and learn it in Manbij.”


Ghazala Sheikh Mohamed, a member of the Education Committee, said that they do not have any issue with the learning of that language, adding that they are in need of teachers who master the Carcasian language and are able to teach it to the Carcasian in the city. He also added that they are ready to support and help anyone in the persevering of his or her mother tongue.

There are 300 Carcasian families living in the city of Manbij alongside Arabs, Turkmen, Kurds and Armenians.



It should be pointed out that the Education Committee opened a school for teaching the Kurdish language in the villages of Mahssana and Al Assliya, which are Kurdish majority villages.

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