Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:30

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The coalition increase the number of their manpower in Manbej

The coalition forces have deployed more reinforcements to their base in the northeastern countryside of Manbej, in Aleppo province, an Aleppo24 correspondent said today. The number of coalition personnel stepped up from 100 to 300  following the deployment. As a result of this, the coalition base in Manbej is now considered the third largest coalition military base oin Syria after Rumeilan and Malkiyah in Al Hasakah.

The death of coalition soldiers in the recent blast inside Manbej city was the main reason that pushed the coalition to boost the number of their soldiers in the area. The Manbij Military Council also held a meting with some coalition officers in which it demanded the increase of coalition manpower to create a feeling of stability and security among the local civilians.

According to sources withing the military council, there were no French forces withing the reecently deployed forces to Manbij. There was around 11 British fighters and 6 French along with the already existing forces.

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