Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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The Euphrates Shield advance quickly against Daesh in the Al-Bab area and liberate new seven villages

The Euphrates Shield factions gained control over at least 7 villages located in the east of Al-Bab city today, raising the number of villages they have captured since yesterday to more than 15.

The liberated villages include Al-Shaaib, Baslajah, Akdash, Khalissah, Al-Awn, Bils Salwa and Haj Kuwsah which are situated in the area separating between Manbej, Al-Bab and Jarablus.


This means the Euphrates Shield are only 7 km away from strategic Al-Bab city and 4 km from the SDF-held Al-Arimah village in the countryside of Al-Bab.

Lieutenant Mohamed Dakhil Abu Aziz, a commander in the Euphrates Shield, stated to Aleppo24 that they will continue to advance until they capture the city of Al-Bab from the organization, adding that they are expecting the organization to fight to death in there. He added that if the factions advance to areas held by the SDF, they will certainly clash with the separatist militia.

In regards to human rights violations that continue to occur in areas held by the Euphrates Shield, Al-Dakhil said that they have taken all the the necessary security measures to hold the violators responsible for their unacceptable behaviours.

The Euphrates Shield operation began on August 24, 2016. The factions operating under its command have captured the city of Jarablus near the Turkish border and are now expanding their territory to the vicinity of Al-Bab.



Current map situation in northern Aleppo published by the Sham Legion

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