Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:35

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The Euphrates Shield factions accuse Assad and the SDF of coordinating simultaneous attacks against them


On Tuesday, October 25, the Assad-regime and Russian aircraft struck targets of the Euphrates Shield factions in both, Tel Madyaq and Tel Jijan in the eastern Aleppo countryside.


The Euphrates Shield-linked Hawar Kilis Operations Room announced the death of 3 of their fighters after barrel bombs were dropped on their positions, and the wounding of ten others in an attack launched by the SDF on the Tel Madyaq and Tel Jijan villages, which were liberated from Daesh.


The Hiwar Kilis Operations room issued a statement accusing both, the Assad-regime and the SDF of coordinating their attacks on the Euphrates Shield.


The statement reads, “A group of Assad forces and the separatist militia of the YPG launched simultaneous attacks on villages located near the recently liberated village of Tel Madyaq by the FSA from Daesh. Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on our positions in Tel Jijan, leading to the martyrdom of 3 FSA fighters and the wounding of ten others in a surprising attack on the village.”


This is the first time in which the Assad warplanes target the local factions, backed by Turkey, who are fighting against the organization to force it out of northern Aleppo countryside.


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