Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:35

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The Euphrates Shield retook the initiative in the vicinity of Dabiq

The military factions operating under the command of the Euphrates Shield retook the initiative in the Daesh-held vicinity of Dabiq as they managed to make new gains by capturing the town of Al-Ziyadiya in the Akhtarin area near the town of Dabiq in northern Aleppo. The Euphrates Shield forces launched several assaults on several villages in the region and captured the villages of Mazra’a ‘Alla, Gharor, ‘Awilin and the farm of Al Khaliliya.

These gains were made possible due to Turkish artillery shelling and the Coalition warplanes which destroyed many of the Daesh-held positions in those villages. A source from the region indicated to Aleppo24 the death of several fighters from the Euphrates Shield in the clashes, including Mustafa Satuf, commander of the US-trained Hamza Division, while 30 Daesh fighters were killed and the group has not been able to retrieve their dead bodies from the clashing area.

The Euphrates Shield announced days ago the start of a general offensive to reach the city of Al-Bab, which is now the main Daesh stronghold in northern Aleppo, following the loss the city of Manbej, a key strategic city for the organization.

The factions had captured 20 villages from Daesh shortly before the latter deployed massive reinforcements, some of whom were deployed by ‘Jaysh Al-Asra’ which present the key fighters for the group, and therefore it succeeded in retaking control over 15 villages, halting the offensive.

Noteworthy, Aleppo24 had already released a detailed report about the Daesh reinforcements which consisted of Jaysh Al Asra, which is used to protect the city and key strategic areas under the control of the group.

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