Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:30

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The factions of Al Bab city prevent a convoy of Duma’s displaced civilians from entering their held areas in northern Syria.

 Today, a convoy bearing civilians, combatants and patients coming from Duma city, Eastern Ghutah, was prevented by some local factions from entering areas near Al Bab city. An Aleppo24 correspondent said that the fighters manning the Abu Zandin checkpoint have prevented many buses loaded with civilians coming from Duma from entering areas in northern Syria on the pretense that there has not been any kind of coordination between them Jaysh Al Islam on one hand and Turkey and the local factions on other hand. 4 The correspondent said that the buses are now waiting in an area between two checkpoints of Assad’s forces and the local factions in Abu Zandin village near Al bab. On 14 March, the local factions prevented some buses, which were coing from Al Qadam neighbourhood of Damascus, from entering their held areas.

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