Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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The Fath Halab promises Assad’s forces in Aleppo with more to come


Major Yasir Abd Al-Rahim, who is the commander of the Fath Halab Operation Room, promised today to Assad’s forces with surprises that would turn the table on them.

This was mentioned in a recently released audio record by Abd Al-Rahim, in which he mentions that: “Everything will be turned upside-down in few days, and we promise you with large scale surprises in Aleppo that would turn the table on you.”. He added, “The Assad regime is trying to demoralize and create a state of despair between the locals. However, the reinforcements are coming to you and you will see what you like in the coming few hours and remember that war is attack and retreat.”


Yasir stated 2 days ago that a sophisticated weaponry was delivered to the local faction in Aleppo, which would change the course of the battles on the ground.


Yesterday, the local factions recaptured the Karam Al-Tahan and the Qatarji neighborhoods, as well as large parts of the Maysir after the launching of a counter attack that inflicted massive losses upon Assad’s forces.


In other news, clashes renewed today between the local factions and Assad’s forces, in connection with the targeting of their gatherings in Al-Zahra neighborhood with a VBIED, which was sent there by the Fath Halab.

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