Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:32

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The halting of the evacuation deal in besieged Aleppo due to new breaches




On Friday, December 16, in an outrageous violation of international laws and morale, the Iranian pro-Assad militias cut off the road of the 1070 Apartments area to the convoy of evacuees consisting of 20-25 buses which were leaving besieged Aleppo as a part of the agreement between the local factions and Russia.  Civilians from the towns of Kafriya and Al-Fuaa’ also protested against the overlooking of their situation in the evacuation deal by cutting off the Ramouseh highway.



In the morning around 20 buses carrying evacuees from besieged Aleppo, who were accompanied by SARC vehicles, were stopped by a checkpoint operated by the Lebanese Hizbollah militia. Afterwards, they ( Hizbollah ) fired bullets in the air and expelled the SARC staff members from that checkpoint, then they ordered the passengers to get off the buses and inspected them and confiscated their phones, as well as their weapons and money. After a fighter from the local factions, who was with his pregnant wife on one of those buses, attempted to resist them, the militia killed him along with three others and arrested his wife and several other evacuees, in addition to ambulances and vehicles belonging to the civil defense. They were then transported to Assad regime controlled areas and sent back the convoy to besieged Aleppo after looting all civilian belongings, including gold and money. This coincided with Assad’s forces resuming their artillery shelling on the neighborhoods which are still under the control of the local factions, which do not exceed 4 km square.
Apparently, Assad’s forces deliberately resorted to this step in order to kill and arrest the remaining civilians in besieged Aleppo on the pretext of defeating the militants. A security official in the Assad regime stated to the France Press Agency that on Friday, the government forces blocked the evacuation of civilians and armed men from the opposition in besieged Aleppo, claiming that this was due to breaches by the militants who did not adhere to the conditions of the agreement.


Contrary to that, the Fastaqeem Gathering commander announced in an audio recording from besieged Aleppo that they had dispatched their troops to the front lines in anticipation of any operations by Assad’s forces that might target their held areas.


In other news, according to eyewitnesses, many families have lost contact with the evacuees after the capturing of the convoy by the militias.



Assad’s forces withdrew SARC staff members from the Sukari areas and launched an attack on the Sandaniya area.


The news agency named ‘SANA’ claimed in a report that before the capturing of the convoy, the militants ( the local factions) had breached the agreement deal by attempting to smuggle heavy weapons and kidnapped civilians from the eastern neighborhoods to the southern and western countryside of Aleppo.


The pro-Assad ‘Sham FM Channel’ reported that the breaches which occurred at the Ramousseh passageway caused the collapse of the evacuation deal, and maybe even the ceasefire, adding that the resuming of the military operations remain possible in the coming hours.


On Thursday, December 16, the first convoy of evacuees from besieged Aleppo arrived in the western countryside. The evacuees kept arriving to that countryside until Friday morning, which augmented the number of evacuees to 7000 thousand civilians, including women and children.



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