Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:48

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The horror of SDF forced conscription program continues to chase young makes in Manbej



On Tuesday, SDF military police carried out a large-scale campaign of arrest in the countryside of Manbej city during which they arrested many young males and transported them to the camps of mandatory military service.

The police established checkpoints on the vicinity of the city and its countryside. Several people were arrested at Al-Sad, Al-Jazeera and Al Jissr checkpoints while no cases of arrest have so far been reported in the city since the SDF have concerns that their campaigns might trigger a civil resistance uprising against their unbearable rules, including forced conscription


SDF have been forcibly recruiting civilians in the Manbej area since the days they took control over it, but the recruitment is being executed with cautions so as not to cause the local people to rebel against them. Their campaigns are now mostly concentrated on small villages whose residents have no power to object the unlawful program, such was the case with Beer Khalu where a SDF patrol arrested all the young males of the tiny village.

The forced recruitment is also applied to teachers and other employees of various sectors. For example, SDF-affiliated Committee of Education has recently issued an order to teachers willing to continue their job with the committee to register at the self-service program in order to be allowed to teach in their previous schools.

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