Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:48

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The HTS is also using its weapons against civilians protesting its policy and violations

The human rights violations committed by HTS against civilians have reached an unprecedented level as they cracked down on Friday on a protest held in the Urm Kubrah town west of Aleppo. They opened fire on the protestors, who were protesting the ongoing infighting between HTS and the Nureddine Zenki Movement, killing one and wounding dozens of others.


Local sources indicated to Aleppo24 did not only crack down on the protest but has also threatened to kill anyone who dares to hold a protest or show signs of dissidence against its strict policy.


The HTS claimed that the dead protester was killed in a shelling by the Nurredine Zenki Movement that, according to it, shelled the main road in the town. However, local families confirmed that the movement is 5 km away from the town and that the protestor was killed by HTS gunfire.


Clashes between the HTS and the movement occurred on Thursday when HTS attacked the latter positions in the western countryside of Aleppo using heavy weapons. The HTS failed in storming Zenki positions on the outskirts of the Sheikh Suleiman town and the 11 Regiment. It also shelled their barracks yesterday in the Owayjil town and attacked and captured the Abzimo town. Both parties sustained injuries in the clashes, in addition to the wounding of many civilians.


Local sources also indicated that the HTS has detained some wounded fighters from the movement nearby the Bab Al Hawa border crossing who were being transported to Turkey for medical treatement.


In other news, local families in the town of Qabtan Al Jabal are currently on an extreme high alert and are preparing to repel what they call ‘ the transgression of the Nusra front against civilians’ after attempting to storm their town from the Sheikh Suleiman town direction.


The ongoing clashes between Nusra and the Ahrar Sham are considered to be the most intense since last month.


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