Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:55

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Imposition of taxes is the main concern of HTS-linked salvation government


The state of discontent and  public outrage against the HTS-linked salvation government rule in Idlib city are worsening with every day that passes. Civilians now must pay 300 SYP for cleaning services, 1000 SYP for water supplies. The money collected from the imposed taxes goes directly to HTS treasury. It should be pointed out that the water plants which are pumping water in Idlib city are operated by the fuel which is provided by GOAL Organization.

According to an Idlib24 correspondent, the salivation government raided some civilian houses and ordered their owners to pay the taxes, warning them of severe consequences that might include arrest.



Garbage is not being collected regularly in Idlib city, which led to the spread of waste on roads and streets. Parks and public arenas are also not being cleared, mainly those located in the countryside.


These repetitive violations of the government coincide with the release of many statements by local councils and committees in many areas in Idlib province in which they announced that they do not recognize the salvation government.


The salivation government has imposed many decisions and carried out several violations since its established in 14 December 2017.  On 19 December 2017, it issued a decision that banned the importation of Russian and Iranian goods because the latter are colonizers. But, at the same time the Murik crossing with Assad regime was still opened and goods were still being transported from it into HTS-held areas.

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