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The local factions advance in the battle for lifting the seige on Aleppo



On Friday, October 28, the local factions announced the battle for lifting of the siege on Aleppo city. The offensive was initiated with the shelling of the positions of the Assad forces in all areas, starting from the Nayrab Airport, east of the city, and Mount Azzan and the Military Academy, western part, using Grad missiles.


A private source indicated to Aleppo24 that the targeting of the Nayrab military airport damaged the communication tower inside the airport along with the aerodrome. Six Iranian revolutionary guards were also killed and wounded after a Grad missile fell directly on their barrack inside the airport.


A picture showing the local factions preparing for the battles to lift the siege on besieged Aleppo:

The source added that the Russian forces stationed at the Castello Road, north Aleppo, withdrew to their bases in Al Waha after several shells fell on the road and due to the aggressive battles raging in western Aleppo.


An Aleppo24 correspondent stated that the local factions begun their attack with the detonation of 2 VBIEDs, targeting Assad forces gatherings at the Cardboard Factory, Al Sora and Al Sadi checkpoints in western Aleppo, which enabled them to take over the targeted areas. Then they stormed and captured the Dahiyatu Al Asad area after Assad forces and the sectarian militias fled from it.


The local factions are now close to the Military Academy in the Hamdaniya neighborhood. They are also targeting the Assad forces positioned in the 1070 Apartments area in the neighborhood and the Mashrafa Hill.



The Assad forces sustained dozens of deaths and injuries in addition to the capture of 2 of them along with 10 militiamen from the pro-Assad Harakat Nujaba Iraqi militia. A commander of the pro-Assad Lebanese Hizbullah militia was also killed on the first day of the offensive.


22 fighters from the local factions were killed, 2 of whom carried out 2 suicide VBIED attacks. Several civilians were killed and injured after several shells fell on the Assad held areas in western Aleppo.


A picture showing the local factions preparing for the battles to lift the siege on besieged Aleppo:

This offensive is considered the biggest offensive ever launched in Aleppo and its countryside since the beginning of the revolution in 2011, as the frontlines have extended 20 km from south to the north of the city.




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