Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:46

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The local factions retake control over the Oyoun Hospital in besieged Aleppo


On December 05, the local factions recaptured the Karam Katerji and the Karam Atahan neighborhoods, as well as the Ayoun Hospital and large parts from the Maysar neighborhood.


The local factions succeeded in the recapturing of those areas after the launching of a counter attack against advancing Assad forces during the dawn. As a result, the Assad regime sustained around 40 causalities in addition to the destruction of an armored vehicle and a tank, as well as the capturing of 5 Assad’s forces who were entrenched in the Ayoun Hospital.


The local factions also repulsed an attempt by Assad forces to advance to the Jub Al-Jalabi and the Boustan Al-Qasr, killing and wounding several of them.


Assad’s forces, backed by Russia and Assad carpet bombing airstrikes, have advanced into several neighborhoods in besieged Aleppo over the past two weeks, which resulted in the displacement of several civilians to areas in western Aleppo, and the killing dozens of civilians in discriminate airstrikes.

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