Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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The Russian operations room in Aleppo locates targets in the city and the countryside for bombing by ballistic missiles (ICBM)



The command of the Russian operations room in Aleppo has received the request from the Humaynin base to locate the military targets in Aleppo province for bombing by the Russian aircraft carrier ‘Admiral Kuzetsov’. The Room is also coordinating with other operation rooms, run by Assad forces and pro-Assad militias, in order to obtain coordinates from them.


Aleppo24 published a report before about the recently established Russian operation room in Aleppo which was formed due  to many reasons, of which some are: disagreements between groups of loyalists and members of the Libanese Hizbollah militia, and because Russian warplanes had targeted several positions belonging to Assad forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Az Zahra and Sulayman Al Halabi neighborhood in Aleppo by mistake.

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