Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:53

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The Russian warplanes carried out a massacre after bombing a public market in besieged Aleppo


On October 12, the Russian warplanes dropped bunker-buster bombs on an overcrowded public market in Al Firdaws neighborhood in besieged Aleppo, perpetrating a new massacre.


An Aleppo 24 correspondent stated that 15 civilians were immediately killed, including women and children, and tens were wounded. He also confirmed that as the Civil Defense team members were trying to rescue those buried under the rubble in Al Firdaws, Assad forces shelled the neighborhood with more than 8 artillery shells, which increased the number of the wounded, and hardened the rescue operations of the Civil Defense.


Exclusive pictures for Aleppo 24 shows the aftermath of Russian air strike with banker buster bombs on Al-Firdaws neighbourhood today.

In other news, Al Muadi neighborhood witnessed violent Russian airstrikes which destroyed several buildings and killed several civilians. The Council of Bustan al-Qasr rebels documented 46 names of those who fell in the airstrikes, in addition to 5 civilians whose identity could not be identified and who were killed in the attack in Bustan Al Qasr yesterday due to airstrikes from both, Assad and Russian warplanes. Amid the lack of military supplies and the difficulties of the rescue operations, field hospitals in besieged Aleppo announced the need for blood donations due to the large number of wounded civilians in the airstrikes.




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