Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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The Russian warplanes perpetrate two massacres in Bustan Al-Qasr and Al-Firdawss neighborhoods in besieged Aleppo


The Russian warplanes executed airstrikes on besieged Aleppo this morning, targeting several neighborhoods, including Al Firdaws, Al-Killasah, Al Maysa and Massakin Hannano, perpetrating two massacres in both, Bustan Al Qassam and Al Firdews neighbourhoods, which were bombed with bunker-buster bombs.



(Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood in besieged Aleppo after it was targeted with bunker buster bombs which were dropped by the Russian warplanes )


The first massacre was carried out in Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood, which was targeted with 3 vacuum missiles, killing 8 civilians and wounding more than 30, including women and children, as well as causing heavy damages and destruction to a number of residential buildings.

As we speak, there are still many civilians who remain buried under the rubble, with continuous rescue attempts by the civil defense members to pull them out of the rubble.

The second massacre was carried out in Al Firdaws neighborhood after the Russian warplanes carried out two airstrikes with vacuum missiles, destroying a 5-floor residential building and killing six civilians, while injuring tens of others, most of whom are in a critical condition. The wounded were transported to the field hospitals near the targeted neighborhood.


In other news, two civilians were killed and others wounded, including women and children, due to Russian airstrikes on Al Qartaji neighborhood this afternoon. In the meantime, Assad forces shelled Al Haydariya and Ard Al Hamra neighborhoods using tanks, which led to the injury of nine civilians including three children, of whom all were transported to the field hospitals to receive treatment for their life threatening injuries.



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