Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:51

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The SDF confiscate several homes in Manbij and impose conditions on those who want their homes back

An Aleppo 24 correspondent in Manbij confirmed that the SDF have confiscated dozens of civilian homes in the city under the pretence that their owners are linked with Daesh, even though the organization itself had confiscated the same homes from their owners on various charges before retreating from the city.

He also indicated that the SDF have arrested several civilians because they rented some homes in the city whose owners have moved to Turkey since the organization took control over Manbij.

The leadership of the SDF in Manbij have announced that they intend to hand the confiscated homes back to their owners, if they would return to the city and review the security office where they will be interrogated.


Noteworthy, some civilians have contacted the military council in Manbij concerning the confiscation of their homes, and they have not received any answer so far.

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