Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:38

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The SDF continue their human rights violations by a forecul recruitement of civilians, including minors, in Manbej

The SDF have announced the graduation of a new batch of fighters whom they forcibly conscripted in Manbij city. Most of them are young men aged 20-40 who were circulated by force into the SDF-run training camps after ousting Daesh out of the city.

A private source reported to Aleppo24 that the SDF have conscripted a large number of civilians in months, surpassing the number of people recruited into Daesh ranks when the city was under its control.

The SDF have also threatened all families of Manbij that they would face serious consequences, if they did not send their sons to SDF camps.

The source indicated that around 1000 forced recruits graduated only in October and were immediately deployed to the fronts in the region. In addition, several schools in Manbij have been turned into forced conscription centers by the SDF, meaning that they are now repeating the same acts committed by Daesh who is infamous for turning schools into Hisbah and military headquarters.

The SDF are now the only military faction that looks like the Assad-regime which has imposed a forced conscription program on all men whose age are between 18-42.

Noteworthy, most of the SDF forced recruits have been killed on the fronts in the region, including minor recruits below the age of 16.

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