Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:58

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The SDF escalate the situation in Manbej by arresting hundreds of youths

Rather than deescalating the ongoing tense situation in Manbej, which is the result of imposing the forced conscription program, the SDF set up many checkpoints in the city and some villages nearby it, arresting hundreds of young males as part of mandatory military service program.


An Aleppo24 correspondent said that the SDF set up security checkpoints in the Sarayah area, the Dalah roundabout, the Kitab roundabout, the Shamssiyah roundabout, the Batah roundabout, the Matahin area and another one at the Jarablus highway. Concerning the countryside, they established checkpoints in the Abu Qalqal area, at the intersection of the Haj Abidin village, the entrance to the Um Jalud village and another one at the intersection of the Saidiyah village.


In the eastern countryside of Al Bab, the SDF arrested many young male civilians in the village of Al-Arimah. Among the arrested are baccalaureate students who were heading from the countryside to the city of Al Babi to study private educational sessions. According to local families, more than 50 young males were arrested at the Haj Abidin checkpoint, 38 others in the Karssan and the Jaryat villages, 60 at Al-Sayarah checkpoint, 150 at the Abu Qalqal checkpoint. The number of the arrested civilians have reached more than 600, including people from the city and its countryside.


The forced conscription program is not limited to Manbej, as it is ongoing in the Tabqah and the western countryside of Al-Raqqa. The SDF also allowed the return of some civilians to Raqqa city on the condition of signing a document in which they pledge not to cause any problems in the city, including holding protests against the forced recruitment program, so that they do not face the same scenario of Manbej in the city.

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