Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:57

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The SDF held a funeral for dozens of their affiliates in Manbij on Sunday and forced merchants to close their shops during the funeral


On Sunday, the SDF held a funeral procession for dozens of their affiliates who were killed in different areas near Al-Bab city during clashes against both, the Euphrates Shield factions and Daesh, as well as in shelling and airstrikes by the Turkish army, which targeted positions belonging to the SDF in the villages of Al-Salemi, Al-Sheikh Nasser and Al-Qart. The funeral comes amid a severe shortage of manpower in the ranks of the SDF.


An Aleppo24 correspondent in Manbij stated that the SDF forced all merchants to close their shops during the funeral. Afterwards, they imposed a security corridor in the National Hospital of Manbij, as the procession was heading towards the center of the city from the hospital, in addition to preventing the locals from entering or going outside Manbij.


The SDF attempted to present the situation as if the merchants held a strike to express their sorrow for the killed SDF fighters.


The SDF are trying to forcibly recruit a large number of civilians residing in the city and its countryside, mainly because they have stretched themselves over  large areas in Manbij and the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah. They also use their forced recruits as front soldiers during battles with other parties.


A new batch of 260 SDF forced recruits, including minors whose age do not exceed 16, graduated recently from the SDF training camps, which are backed by the coalition. Afterwards, they were immediately deployed to the front lines.




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