Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:52

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Turkey’s air force perpetrated a massacre in Al-Bab and the Euphrates Shield are advancing towards the city


The Euphrates Shield factions resumed their military operations today by the launching of an offensive to capture the city of Al-Bab in eastern Aleppo, which coincided with the committing of a massacre by the Turkish army.

Both, Turkish army warplanes and heavy artillery, were deployed in the shelling that targeted the city of Al-Bab today which killed 13 civilians and wounded 10 others, most of whom were women and children.


The Euphrates Shield have advanced towards the city of Al-Bab, the main stronghold of Daesh in eastern Aleppo, after the capturing of the towns of Brata and Al-Dana in northwest the city. They also managed to capture the Manbij/Al-Bab highway after heavy clashes, during which they destroyed a VBIED belonging to Daesh before reaching its target.


The Turkish ministry confirmed on Thursday that they would deploy 300 Turkish Special Forces to reinforce the Euphrates Shield Operation in Syria.

In other news, warplanes belonging to the International Coalition carried out a massacre after bombing residential buildings in the town of Baza’, rural Al-Bab, on Wednesday, calming the lives of 7 civilians and wounding several others.


In cooperation with the Hawar Kilis Operation Room, the Euphrates Shield Operation Room, which is backed by Turkey, announced the start of their military operation on August 28. They have gained control over dozens of cities and towns in eastern and northern Aleppo. The most key cities and towns are Jarablus, Al-Rai, Akhtarin and Surawn.



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