Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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The USA puts pressure on the SDF to evacuate areas in northern Aleppo which they captured by Russian support

Negotiations between the SDF and the local factions in northern Aleppo have been ongoing for more than a month in which the USA is pressuring the the SDF to withdraw from some villages and towns, including Tel Rifaat, Menagh, Ayn Daqnah, Mariman, Sheikh Aissa, Maraanar, Kafr Nassef, Deer Jamal, Al-Malkiyah, Shawaghra, Harbul and Kafr Karmin.
The representative of the local factions in the ongoing negotiations are the US-backed and trained Muaatassim Brigade and local civil committees from the negotiated areas, while the SDF are represented by commanders from the YPG and political figures from the ‘Afrin Canton’.
The USA demanded from the SDF to withdraw from those areas following the agreement on a ceasefire between both parties ( SDF and the local factions). This will be in exchange of the opening of the Afrin highway which connects between Azaz and the western countryside of Aleppo.


A local source indicated to Aleppo24 that the SDF will withdraw from a number of towns in northern Aleppo on Friday, April 14, which will be followed by their withdrawal from other villages in the upcoming days.

The significant importance of those villages is that they would be used a starting point from which the local factions will attack Assad’s forces positions in the region, in addition to the opening of the old road which links between the outskirts of northern Aleppo’s countryside. It will also gives the opportunity to many displaced civilians from those negotiated villages and towns to return to their homes once again.


The military council of Tel Rifaat issued a statement on Thursday stating that ‘there are ongoing negotiations by which we aim to return to our lands without shedding blood and our brothers in the Muaatassim Brigade are doing their best concerning this’. He added, ‘ The negotiations are not the only solution at hands, as we are militarily preparing for the recapturing of our areas at any cost.’

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