Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:46

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The war for exchange of control continues in Idlib province

The ongoing clashes between HTS and Ahrar Al Sham Movement, which is allied with Suqor Al Sham, in the countryside of Idlib have become heavier. The movement has succeeded in taking control over several villages, towns and cities over the past two days , the most significant of which were Maarat Nu’man, Al Dana, Maarat Missrin, Al Habit, Harsh Al Habit, Abdin, Harsh, Abdin Al Qassbiyah, Tarmlah, Karsaa, Maart Sin, Naqir, Al Faqi”, Wahssam, Mar’iyan, Muaaskar Wadi Al Dayf, Tifnar, Jaradah, Mandif, Arihgah, Maar Blit, Sharlakh, Ram Hamdan, Kafr Yahmoul and Harbanosh.

HTS is now attempting to recapture Maarat Missrin where heavy clashes and mutual artillery shelling are ongoing, which led to the death of 7 civilians and the wounding of 10 others on Sunday, Idlib24 correspondent said. The clashes in Maarat Missrin resulted in the death of a 22-year-old displaced girl from Al-Ghab Plain named ‘Hind Mostapha Al-Sheikh Amin’, while a child named Khalid Walid Darwish was killed in the ongoing clashes in the Itmah area.

The battles in rural Idlib have extended to areas in southern Aleppo where HTS shelled with artillery the town of Injarah. In addition, several areas in Idlib province, including Indan, Haritan, Hayan, Kafrah, Hamrah, MaaraT Al Artiq, are now under siege and the marketrs in them are inactive, in addition to the total lack of fuel. The clashes in the region are also preventing the transportation of patients to Bab Al Hawa border crossing with Turkey.

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