Saturday 17 / 8 / 2019 | 18:55

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Trump decision on action in Syria has led to an increase in prices of materials in Aleppo city

The market activity in Aleppo city has dramatically increased since the end of the deadline issued by president Donald Trump about his decision concerning striking the Assad regime.  A local Aleppo24 correspondent said that the groceries and various other commercial shops have sold most of their goods because of a surprising extreme increase in the demand. All the vegetables that were put on sale in the Hal market today were sold. She confirmed that that there were  massive gatherings of civilians who were queuing in front the bakeries to obtain 1 loaf of bread for each individual based on the family book.

Our correspondent indicated that the dollar exchange rate has collapsed as it is now 520 SYP after it was 420 four days ago, which has increased the prices of all materials.

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