Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:47

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Turkey advances towards Afrin while Russia and Assad resume their massacres in Idlib province



After ten days of the launching Operation Branch Olive, the forces of the Afrin operation managed to advance more against YPG-held areas and captured several towns and hills in the countryside of Afrin. On the other hand, Russian and Assad aircraft continue their airstrikes against towns in the southern countryside, which has so far caused dozens of civilians casualties.

Operation Branch Olive announced that they captured Mount Busrayah nearby Aazaz city in the northern countryside of Aleppo on Sunday 28 January. The mount, whose height is around 850 meters, is of strategic importance because the forces stationed on it will have large swath of lands in Afrin region within the range of their fire. In the same context, multiple military sources stated that the Turkish army is now maintaining control over the mountain and it has established barricades on it because it is planning to build a military base on it.

For the ninth day in a row, The Turkish army continues to pave the way for its forces to advance against YPG in Jandriss, Jublud and Mashmashi; Dikmash and Arab Wiran towns in rural Afrin by conducting strikes and shelling positions of the YPG. In addition, Branch Olive forces declared teir control ovber Oshagi and the 815 point nearby Raju town in rural Afrin today. On the other hand, Russia and Assad  targeted today towns and cities in southern Aleppo, including Talafih, Al-Azayarah, Al-Wassitah, Khillsah, Tal Alush towns, using artillery and warplanes.


The Russian strikes on the town of Jazrayal in southern Aleppo rendered the medical center in the town unusable and wounded many of its medical staff. On the other hand, Assad’s forces captured the vicinity of Abu Duhur Air Base, which coincided with heavy airstrikes against densely populated areas and infrastructures in rural Aleppo, leading to a horrible a massacre in the market of potatoes in Saraqib city in which 12 civilians were killed and many others were injured. Furthermore, Al-Ihssan hospital in the latter city was bombed, resulting in death of two women and a child. More areas that are distant from the frontlines were also struck, including Maasran and Tal Marikh. Idlib24 could not accurately document the number of civilian deaths, but the Civil Defense released a statistic yesterday about the airstrikes and said that it killed at least 18 civilians and wounded 45 others, adding that more than 80 air raids were conducted.


It should be pointed out that the ongoing heavy airstrikes coincided with statement released on the official page of Humeimim base threatening with military escalation, if the opposition does not go to Sutishi conference. Today, the barbaric Russian airstrikes continue, and they have so far killed 12 civilians in the market of potatoes and two women and a child in Saraqiq. In Maasaran, a woman and four of her children were killed following strikes on the village. 30 civilians have been killed, including correspondents of SMART AGENCY and a correspondent of Orient TV.

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