Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:34

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Turkey and Euphrates Shield factions prevent a convoy of displaced civilians from Al-Qadam neighborhood from entering Al-Bab city



Euphrates Shield factions prevented a convoy of displaced civilians from Al-Qadam neighbourhood of Damascus from heading to Al-Bab city, forcing them to return to the countryside of Idlib after they had waited and slept in the open for more than a day. The convoy was stopped at the checkpoint of Sultan Murad in Deer Qaq village near Abu Zandin town, rural Al-Bab, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. This move reflects to what extent such factions are being salved by their sponsors that they take precedence over the interests of their sponsors over the those of the Syrian people.


Aleppo24 correspondent confirmed that the negotiations were carried out between the convoy and Euphrates Shield factions, as well as Turkey. Turkey had promised to receive women and children before reversing its decision on the pretense that there was no precedent coordination between it and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent on facilitating entry of the displaced families from Al-Qadam neighborhood into the Turkish territory.  The correspondent added that the Sultan Murad were concerned that some fighters from Syaf Al-Sham and Daesh supporters could have blend in with the convoy of civilians.


The convoy was forced to go back to the countryside of Idlib province and the displaced civilians were given no blankets, no clothes, no tents and no food, leaving them without any assistance amidst extreme winter conditions.


The convoy consists of 11 buses carrying around 400 people who were displaced from Al Qadam neighbourhood. In addition, another convoy of 1500 displaced civilians from the same neighbourhood arrived yesterday in Idlib.

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